Friday, October 24, 2008

At least you know you're loved...

Or at least noticed.

Meg here:
Yesterday was Thursday, and Thursday is my travel day. I teach at one of three different elementary schools in my district, doing music class with their Kindergartens. These other schools are the largest in the district, and the Related Arts (specials) teachers don't have room in their schedule for Kindergarten. So we smaller school people cover it. I kind of like getting new surroundings once a week, and I meet some nice people. (And some dumb ones, apparently...)

I was at this other school yesterday morning at 8:00. I made two trips out to my car to bring in all my instruments and gear (starting a new rotation this week, lots of gear needed). I teach on the stage, which I love because it's big and open and we can be as noisy as we want. I went down to the stage to set up my 'classroom' and then ran to the book fair in the library to buy Maddie a birthday present. I was back in my 'room' at 8:30. At 9:00 or so, my principal from my school called over there to talk to me. A custodian had thrown out everything in the inner-office mail bin, and a form I had sent hadn't been received. She needed me to fax over a new one ASAP. They said they hadn't seen me yet, and "went to look for me." Except they couldn't find me.

There is no phone on the stage. They called other schools to see if I'd gone there. No, she's not here. They called back to my school to see if I'd come there later. Nope. They called the Kindergarten teachers at my Thursday school to see if they knew where I was. Nope, I don't teach them till 9:45, so they hadn't seen me.

So they told the secretary at my school, Kathy, that I wasn't there, I had never showed up that morning. Kathy knows I'm not there either, so she calls my house looking for me. (Maybe I took a day off and the sub never showed up?) Bob's mom was there but indisposed at the time, and the machine got it. Then the computer teacher at my school, a friend of mine, calls my house to check on me, getting worried. This time Bob's mom answers, and is understandably worried too. Where's Meg? Where could she be? It's not like her to just not show up. Computer teacher calls Art teacher friend, both knowing that I'm on diabetic medication and that that can sometimes cause hypoglycemia, and you can, well...kind of pass out. So now they're scared, and Art teacher friend, who is also off traveling at a different school, calls my cell. Except I have my phone on vibrate, because I'm getting ready to teach Kindergarten. Then Bob's mom calls and texts me. This time, I see the flashing light on my phone receiving the message, and I read that people are worried because I'm apparently missing (and presumed dead? I don't know).

Except I've been where I'm supposed to be all morning.

I make a bunch of calls and explain this to everybody (meanwhile, I'm late picking up the Kindergarten!) Everybody wants to know why I wasn't there and didn't answer any calls or public address system pages that must have come for me. I mean, my Thursday school must have paged me, right? Or called the two other music teachers in the building that I work with? Or whoever was in charge of finding me would have at least walked up onto the stage to see if I was there, of course! Right?

*Oy vey people.*

So to my poor worried mother in-law, friends, boss, and secretary, let me just apologize for, uh...them.

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Anonymous said...

I love you, Meggie! Mom :-)

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