Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our House... is a Very Very Very Old House.

Do you remember this?
I do. The 1980 production Fisher Price "Little People Play Family House". My mom, who's visiting this weekend, found the one that belonged to my sister and I 20+ years ago. And all the Little People (from Munchkin Land?) that came with the set, plus several that came with the school bus and barn. We have these from previous garage finds. Mom cleans them meticulously and I play with them as much as Maddie, because um...they're MY toys.
Remember these?

Maddie literally played with the house from the time she found it in the living room after her nap, until bed. The "babies" had fun, the cars had fun, the little black doggie went all around the house and we're not quite sure where he ended up. We were all ready to put her to bed, and it was a little earlier than usual. She asked if she could go see the house one more time. Sure. She ran out into the living room:

"Good night house! Good night babies, good night cars, good night table, good night chairs."

I think we should tell her that that children's book has already been written.


CaitRenee said...

That old house- I loved playing with it. They had one at the dentist that always got taken away from me by other kids. So my love of the barn developed. Which gives valuable insight into why I always leave the apartment door open. No, I was not brought up in a barn. I wasn't a Little People er..Person. But a gal can dream.

Brenda said...

Yes! I SO remember that old house!! And those little people rock.

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