Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Around to It

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It was kind of like finding out that everybody else has been watching this hilarious/heartwarming/enlightening TV show you've never heard of, all season long. Or at a wedding reception every guest - except you -  moves as one group to the moves of a obviously commonly known dance - and you've never even heard the song.
Scratch that. It was discovering that everyone else has doing the swimming with dolphins thing, gone scuba diving, eaten sushi... What? No. Never had it. I'm doubting that anyone's deathbed regret will be never having tried raw fish in seaweed. 
Mmm, except maybe this sushi.   But anyway...
I guess I had my reasons, like everybody else who hasn't. It's not that painful, the benefits are awesome, but for some reason, you just haven't gotten it done by now. You're fine with things the way they are. You've been busy, living life. You're  great without it, really. There's money involved, for one thing. But suddenly, itdid matter. Financial and professional and personal reasons, and OH MY! Suddenly, discovering people  in my profession who DIDN'T have their Master's degree was like locating the other token girl in your Jr. High homeroom who, like lonely little you, hasn't gotten her ear pierced yet. I got mine pierced in 5th grade, or something. But you know what I mean.
"I don't have mine either, you know. Never went back." Says one colleague or another.
You too? Wow. Do you ever think about going back for it?
Responses I heard: Not in this economy. Not till my husband is done his. Not till I'm teaching a grade level I like better. Not till I have tenure. Not while my kids are little. Not while my kids are busy with activities. Not while my kids are almost in college - that's going to be so expensive! Not while my kids need me to babysit the grandkids. Oh. Dear.
So in my grand tradition of stating things on the interwebs so that I have to do them (WW, the summer goals, and oops, I forgot: ask me about the 30 days of $%&$# exercise sometime) I am hearby making myself go back to school for my Master's degree by saying here that I'm going back to school for my Master's degree. (Please note. Author has been planning this for months now. This has kind of been her quiet little pet project. She just forgot to tell you. And there's still stuff to work out, anyway.) You have full permission to ask me how that's going. Keep me on it.  One school's program is looking amazing right now. I just have to find some unwitting financial institution to lend me the G's in the form of some hefty student loans, I guess. Isn't that how most people do this? Cause I do not have that many G's lying around.
So, wondering if I'm going to get my G's worth:
In your opinion, does a MA make a more desireable, capable teacher? Performer? Dare I ask, and hope the answer is 'yes' because you're more fulfilled and capable at your craft, yadda yadda yadda...Parent?
Hope so. Cause I'm doing it anyway. Assuming I get in. Ooooh, application. That would probably be my next step, huh?

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