Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Being THAT Flower Girl's Mum

Yeah, yeah, the kiss, modern fairy-tale...
 I'll give it to you, it's very sweet.  
I watched the highlights.

My little sister's wedding was last month, and at it Miss M was a "moderately" cooperative flower girl. 
So this lovely image just speaks to me. 

I figure half the mothers of preschool-aged girls out there were horrified upon seeing little Grace Van Something ("Mummy! You said their'd be cake! And it's my naptime!) stealing the show from the royal British make-out session.  
Wow, Wills, save it for the honeymoon, you dog!   
They were probably pitying this fed-up little girl's poor mum.

The other half of us are still chuckling to ourselves because, though our experience wasn't globally televised (Thank GOD!), we've already been this flower girl's mother.

Somebody tell Grace Van Nappytime's mum:
 she's now in our club.

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