Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming Clean

I have a box of Star Wars comic books under my bed. I was obsessed in grade school.

I wear my 2-week contact lenses until they bother my eyes so much that I rip them out at lunchtime and put on the old glasses in my desk.  This way they last a month, at least.

I love Katy Perry.

I am still addicted to the internet; facebook in particular, because despite me & hubby slowly clawing our way back to the world of the living, it's how I stay connected.

I have bribed my older kid with candy on many an occasion to get her to try something new, like the Big Slide.

I effing hate playing Barbies.

Before I was surrounded with actual children 8 hours a day, I was sure I wanted sons.

I am so relieved to have daughters and would have no idea what to do with a boy.

When I find a song I like I play it to death and move on.

I took Maddie to MOMS club when she was 2 weeks old, despite pediatrician warnings that it was cold season and she could get sick, because I was already getting lonesome and itchy.

I would eat nachos every day. Every delicious day.

If we had the money, I would still teach Music in public school, but Bob would stay at home and be Mr. Mom, and I would LOVE that arrangement.  But that's no secret.

My superpower would definitely be telepathy.

I think food additives, television, and video games combined are not nearly as potently capable of screwing up kids as are their own parents. And I'm a little scared of that responsibility.

I have the stubby-fingered hands of a boy; I cannot stand the sensation of nail-filing, and I think most fake nails would look, well, fake.

My only rules for work: 1. Do your job.  2. Be pleasant.  3.  There should be jeans and bagels every Friday.

I believe that you never know a person until you see what they name their kid.  Oh, what a cutie, what'd they name him? Really?

I will be making a dart board with a few governors' faces on it. Who wants a throw?

I have re-opened my old mental debate from high school... pro-con:  finally getting that treble clef tattoo on my ankle.   What?  You never heard of a pre-midlife crisis?

I can kill an evening laughing myself crazy at snarky messages printed on baby onesies at
Lucky Dad! Baby Onesie
I have seen every episode of:
  • Star Trek, TNG
  • Scrubs
  • Golden Girls
  • Seinfeld
  • The Nanny
  • Gilmore Girls
  • And seasons 1-10 of The Simpsons. Because after that it started the shark-jumping process.

I should be at Walmart, grocery shopping, right now.  But you gotta have priorities.

Well that was a cathartic one, as posts go.  
Anybody else want in? 


Doris said...

I hate Barbies too. The sad thing is this year I broke down and let kayli have one (which quickly multiplied to three).

Megella said...

Three? Lucky!

I have limited it to one of each hair/skin color combo.

And one Ken, at Nana's, with no shirt. Not complaining, just mentioning it.

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