Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fired Up.

To Mr. Glading, who is running for office in the 1st district of New Jersey,

I as a voter, citizen, and reasonably-minded person am offended by your recent mailing. 
The post card depicts a small child crying, and a headline reads, "Rob Andrews STOLE HER FUTURE".
On the back it goes on to "explain" that Rob Andrews and "career politicians" like him have caused every person in American to "owe" $175,000, much of it to Communist China. 
SHAME on you.
You are assuming that you can manipulate the uninformed voter into thinking he personally will have to pay back this amount for every person in his family, as if the national debt were a common bank loan. 
You are playing on people's emotions and ignorance to get votes. Your mention of Communist China dates you terribly and raises the question: are you pathetically grasping at votes from those who thought McCarthy had it right after all?
Your claims are ridiculous, and therefore YOU appear ridiculous to me, the informed voter.  I assume you're banking on only the ignorant electorate making it to the polls next week.  Good luck with that.
Shame on you for misleading people with false implications instead of clearly stating your platform in an honest way, and letting the voters decide for themselves who truly represents their own views. 
Shame on you for using a picture of a child who was clearly emotionally upset over SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY for your own gain. 
Your unscrupulous use of this picture, this child, and this empty threat makes me wonder if YOU personally made the poor girl cry.

In disgust, 

You know what?  Don't exploit little kids, ignorance, or Photoshop. These things burn me.  Which is why I posted this to the comments section of his website.  Honestly, communists?

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