Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hierarchy of Cleaning

Found this graphic on Small Notebook, thought I could take a lesson. In food pyramid style,"Take a Shower": In other words, personal hygiene comes first. Well duh. Shower = small space where nobody can expect you to pick them up or play Princess with them, except in case of emergency. Me like shower. Bonus: Not smelling like a llama is always preferable.

"Clean Clothes": Moving up the pyramid, the next concern is laundry. Since the window of pajama-pants-in-public acceptability ends when they hand you your B. S. diploma, laundry is important. Got it.

"Dishes" and "Trash": Then DYFS-worthy offenses like garbage piling up and crusty mounds of plates in the sink. I like how they're on even keel on this chart. Which is more urgent? Probably a toss-up, depending on your situation and how many paper plates you use. I'm going with trash. Because Bob usually takes that out. Besides, we have a decent dishwasher, which is right up there in my list of necessities next to "air". Yes, I AM a spoiled little domestic princess. What?

"Pick Up". Ok good, we do this almost nightly. My floors are covered with crap. Kid crap, our crap, dog crap. Wait, no, not dog crap. Dog hair. Giant man shoes, etc. Don't walk around the living room barefoot in the dark, that's all I'm saying.

"Bathroom" Awwwwwwww. Man! Look, there's a Getty station right at the end of our road.

"Floors"? Do I look like Cinderella to you? No? Good, because she seriously needs to update the hairstyle.
Floors, hmm. Yeah, we live in the sandy soil capital of SJ. Sandy dirty dirt gets tracked in by everybody - although I usually blame the dog. Floors... Yeah, I understand the concept of mopping floors, just not as it applies to me. Bob usually does it. THAT'S RIGHT, LADIES! My man mops. I am married to the Libman Man. Eat your hearts out.

"Extra": I have a feeling this relates to being able to write your name on the TV when it's off. And I truly feel that handwriting is still an important skill that kids do not practice near enough.
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Anonymous said...

You are SO warped! And you make me laugh every time you post a blog. I love you, Girl!
Love, Mom :-)

Holly Wolly said...

I love that pyramid!! I need to print it up and post it for my husband and everyone that ever comes over my house! It is exactly what I do (or don't do I guess)
And last time I made HH my kids all turned their noses up at it...
come by and visit my blog if you'd a peek into our crazy days...

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