Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ellie's First Solids

We tried rice cereal from a bowl today. (Instead of in her bottle. Just a little thicker. A little.) This was a success overall. With all her feeding issues we are anxious for her to get to the jar food stage. She already gets some feedings partially from a medicine syringe and opens her mouth like a baby bird (or a baby eating off a spoon) so we just up and decided to go for it. Not like she's not getting rice all day anyway! She seemed to like the experience. We loved it.

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Megella said...

Posting on my own post from months ago so nobody will see it but me.

I cannot believe how pale and sickly that poor kid looks by comparison to her post-surgery, plumper self.

So sweet, but I just want to smack my video self and call the doctor.

Wait, looking at the date...I called the doctor LITERALLY the next day. Her surgery was 5 days later. Ok cool. Geez, poor, poor baby.

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