Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thoughts: Prepare your child for his "Office Space" future?

This is a Little Tykes toy - an actual computer (the tower is hidden and wires are stowed) workstation with more "work" storage in the seat. As the mother of a 3 year-old who would rather "play computer" than watch TV, my first thought was, "well, at least I'd get my desk back". Maddie digs her,, and other ABC-123 websites. Hey, it's better than zoning out in front of the TV...or demanding "pway with me" 20 times an hour. She gets played with, OH does she get played with, don't worry.

Then I saw the $2500 price tag and about lost it laughing. My AV advisor (and husband) says that's about $1000 of actual product, and $1500 for fancy plastic molding. But still..

Since we know that computers are part of almost every profession and will undoubtedly become more and more a part of everyday work and life in the future - isn't it better to prepare the kids early? Isn't that what why we have Computer class at the elementary level? Or is this yet another toy that stifles creativity and disconnects children from their families? Not to mention increasing the evil "Screen Time" that the AAP says should be kept to a maximum of 2 hours a day...

I'm sorry, the techy in me just thought this was SOOOOO cool. Not $2500 worth of cool, but cool, nontheless.

Baby's First Cubicle: The Most Depressing Toy Ever?

Baby's First Cubicle: The Most Depressing Toy Ever?It's all about expectation management, you see. If you make your kid think he can be president, he will grow up disappointed. Tell him he's headed for a life as an office drone and at least he'll be mentally prepared.

For a mere $2,500, daddy's little office drone gets all of this:

Furniture features:

* Flat desk area
* Left and Right built-in mouse pads
* Bench seat that fits two children and offers storage inside for supplies
* Two locking cabinet doors
* Computer wiring stores safely inside ventilated cabinet.
* Locking castors keep unit from rolling during use.

Computer equipment features:

* Think Centre PC
* Internal DVD-ROM
* 1GB RAM (minimum)
* 160GB Hard Drive (minimum)
* 10/100 Ethernet
* Microsoft® Windows
* Sound Card and 2 External Speakers
* Surge protector
* 19" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
* Custom Little Tikes Learning keyboard and Tiny Mouse (colors are subject to change without notice)

Computer Warranty: 1-year parts and labor.
Pre-loaded educational software:

* Millie's Math House®
* Sammy's Science House®
* Bailey's Book House®
* Trudy's Time and Place®
* Thinkin' Things®

Boy, I really missed out on these 21st century toys when I was a kid!

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