Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 17

You're darn straight it feels like longer. One of my bosses came down to chat with me and asked how far along I was, and I proudly told her "17 weeks". Then I added, "So almost half-way done!" while simultaneously she said, "Oh, so you're just starting out."
??? I'm sorry, have I not been pregnant forever and ever Amen by now? According to the Preggy Bible, otherwise known as "What To Expect When You're an Ignorant Hypochondriac", 18 weeks is the start of your 5th month. 5 months pregnant. I'll take that, that sounds like about half-way done!

Haven't told the kids at school yet, I was planning on sharing the news Monday. Friday we had a meeting with the Personnel lady at school and despite having been through all this 3 years ago, we were completely blown away. There was the amount of paperwork, the various types of leave I can take, and OH YEAH, I have next to no sick days this time around - last time I think I had a bank of over 50. You do burn through those as a mommy. You can burn up your sick days while you're out to still receive this lovely thing called a paycheck. So we're looking at significantly less paycheck now. Before the meeting we went from assuming I'd have to come back in mid April. Then we were wondering if they new paid leave act would allow me to stay out the whole remainder of the year. Then we actually had the meeting and found out that neither are likely to be true. And that the world will end if we don't get certain things signed and dated and returned when we're still in that hazy post-birth stupor. So we have to sit down and talk moo-lah, and then we'll know for sure. It's nice to have options, I do appreciate that! And as long as I don't know if I'll be back for the Spring concert or not, I'm not saying boo to the kids at school.

Grow, baby, grow! Hey, we're onto the next baby on the ticker! How cute is he/she?
~ Meg

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CaitRenee said...

Makes me wonder how people actually had children before paperwork was invented. Maybe they hatched their children. That's probably what Mom and Dad did with you. Hehe.

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