Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Almost Done!

The nasty carpet gone, and the sub-floor a vast improvement, it was "NEW FLOOR INSTALLATION TIME!" (Did you hear the booming male announcer voice there?) Bob thought this project would take at least a day and a half, probably more because he'd never done anything like this before. Although he did hit a few snags - some boards went together easier than others, leaving tiny gaps that were easily covered up with a cute rug - he got it done in record time. Monday was floor day:
Ta-da! Much 'tap' dancing was done, since her dreams came true and we were building her a dance studio floor, finally.
Then the trim and quarter round went in (note the ceiling fan Bob put in too, over the weekend). I got to put in the quarter round myself. I'm told the liquid nails will come off my hands eventually, too.
And yesterday we moved stuff in! The curtains need hemmed (thank you, Nana) and her toys, clothes, etc., still need to move. She has a reading light next to her bed, which is that red and metal bendy thing on the wall in the corner, and we of course need bookshelves in there.
We still need some wall decor, and she reminded me that her name letters that hang on the wall in the 'baby room' need to come to her new room too, pleasefont>. I figured we'd get cheapo frames at Ikea (since Lord knows we'll be back there soon one way or another) and frame some of her artwork. Then there's the matter of a clock that we forgot, being summer when we barely glance at one anyway. Love the soft mirror on the wall for getting dolled up.
The carpet, or as Maddie's been calling it, the "pink swimming pool". We need to go back and get a few more little carpet circles for the reading area (below the mirror) but I think we're mostly done.
And of course, because I wasn't ready for it at all, she decided she was sleeping in her new room ASAP. Like, last night. We figured we'd try naps in there first, try night time a while later, be prepared to have a few tries...yeah, she was ready. I wasn't! My baby wasn't in her room, in her little bed! How did this happen? *sniff!* She was thrilled.
Beside some accessories and reorganization, I think we're pretty much done. Life is good.
The end.

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cyndee said...

Wow! Looks great! You guys thought of everything!

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