Monday, July 6, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I mean, Ticker


Hey! I have too been doing my cardio! Mostly. I had a weak start to summer, but the last two weeks or so I've definitely hit the pool. My plan was to get up around 7 every morning, while Bob & Maddie slept. I'd swim laps for a half hour, shower, make coffee (decaf, while my poor deprived soul still cried out for regular), and have a few moments of me-time before everybody else is up. My reality is a little closer to what the cheery pregnancy books benignly call "pregnancy fatigue"; this growing-a-human thing is pretty tough work! My butt is dragging all day long, I like naps more than the average newborn, and getting out of bed earlier in the morning is more like a faint possibility than an actual goal. Totally normal for anybody at this stage. But no good for the exercise-conscious. Still, I'm going for my 5 days a week. Which means I better go hit the pool.

I thought I'd include the development ticker too. It's amazing what our bodies can do:

pregnancy week by week

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck :-) Love the posts and the tickers.. will be dropping by your page to see how things are going...

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