Monday, July 13, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I mean, Ticker


Hey! I have enough trouble with children doing things they probably shouldn't be doing:
(Thank you, Aunt Laura, but she prefers a Corona.)
Kidding, kidding! But seriously, we're eventually going to have to stop teaching her pop songs and replacing the word "girl" with "squirrel" just so we can hear her sing it and laugh our butts off. The Vacation Bible School teachers are going to start looking at us funny. "I kissed a squirrel, and I liked it..." *stifled cackle*
And now the younger one is going to start flipping people the bird? Ay-yi-yi...

Now that's it's been almost a whole week since our first ultrasound, I'm starting to get itchy for another. And August 11th is sooooo far away! :-( Hmm, let's see, I'll be...13 weeks? TO. FAR. AWAY. Wah. I want to see those little digits! Being angelic, I'm sure.
After this week of constant songs w/ pantomime, maybe the kid will have learned all the motions to the VBS music and will be performing "This Little Light" or something cute like that.

Hey! I just noticed that we graduated to the next box up on the ticker! The baby actually looks (mostly) like a baby and less like a creature from the black lagoon! *Celebration time, come on!*

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