Friday, July 10, 2009

Philadelphia Zoo

Dear Philly Zoo,

Wow, did we have fun with you yesterday. Mostly. (Bob is an admitted "non-zoo person" (It's hot, it's smelly, and there's no rides. Plus Maddie just learned where her P. I. T. A. switch is and kept flipping it on, but that was in no way the zoo's fault.) It was a little hot, but there were plenty of places to get indoors for a quick cool-down. And the ice cream was reasonably priced and Khor Brothers, no, Mullers-worthy. There was one ride that didn't involve some kind of saddle, and it was a beaut. Bonus for making non-riding adults free on the Rainforest Carousel. I personally loved the Impala fountain - the extra cool spray coming off it was especially nice. And the giraffes were perfect showmen. Bob liked the otters (awesome video to be edited and posted later) because they're like slippery aquatic puppies. Maddie liked the mama bird and her chicks, loved feeding the ducks, and getting right in the pen with the goats ("sheepys") was the highlight of her day, if not her summer. We especially appreciate your free teacher passes, and I thought the children's fee was reasonable (in contrast to the rest of the food, but we picnic like pros.) My one question, speaking of food: why, oh WHY, dear Philly Zoo, would you put the major picnic areas right next to the HORSE RIDES? Always downwind, my Wawa hoagied tasted like manure. Hmmm, maybe that's a in-park food marketing idea, there...
Well, that olefactory offense aside, the park really didn't smell like a zoo at all, as Bob had to admit. It was clean, the employees were wonderfully friendly, there were demostrations and educational stuff that Maddie didn't give a darn about, but I found very interesting. The bathrooms were clean and there was never a line. They certainly had families in mind. I would definitely go again. But next time we're taking the train. The parking fee made Ocean City lot rates look downright reasonable! Still, this was such an awesome trip. We'll be making a flip book of our animal photos for the girl, once we figure out what the Long-Tailed Whose-It is actually called. What a great zoo, what a great day.
Bob, Meg & Maddie D.

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