Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Playground

This is an awesome work of skill & heart on the part of Bob & his folks. Our backyard has never been what you might call hospitable. Grass? We don't need no stinkin' grass! Weeds are fine. Weeds & dirt. We had given up on having a nice expansive back yard full of lush green grass, so why not mulch over about 1/3 of it and make a great playground for Maddie & Little D. She & her sibling-to-be, as well as friends who come to play, will enjoy the swingset w/ trampoline, sandbox, toddler swingset, picnic table, rocking toy, chalkboard easel, and basketball net. Most of these are gifts, some are Ikea or yard sale finds, and all of them are fun.

This is a 1-picture album, so no need to click unless you want to see it bigger. But when a girl and her dolly have matching dresses, it's a picture-worthy occasion.
Matching Dresses

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