Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Limbo

Jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack go under the limbo stick...

Why are these girls having so much fun? Limbo is not this entertaining.

Work: My classroom is all but done.
Honestly, there’s nothing left to be taken down, packed away, or inventoried. I do have some extra projects I’ll start working on tomorrow, but you would think this Friday was the last day of school, not the 19th! What I’m going to do the last week, I have no idea. Update lesson plans for next year and chat it up with people I won’t see as much this summer. My classes all do units on different musicals in May. Learn a scene, act it out, video tape them so they can see what little goons they are, learn the songs, learn theater vocabulary, etc. And then we spend the classes in June that aren’t disrupted by assemblies or parties watching the musical that they studied. Which is great, except that today I had nothing to do but sit down and view my third showing of “The Wiz” this week. And it’s only Wednesday. “Come on and ease on down, ease on down the roooaaad!”

Home: We have the list (not definitive yet of course) of things we want to do/accomplish this summer. And there’s all these cool places and things to do with Maddie! We do take time for R&R, but to be honest if I get more than a few do-nothing days in a row, I’ll crack and start chatting with the stuffed animals on the floor. None of this fun and constructive stuff is getting started this week. I just get to think about it and get exited about it. I’m so ready and so willing to tackle the house, do the projects (join us for part 6 of “Will The Bedroom Furniture Get Painted This Summer?”) but I can’t do yet, darn it! Waiting, waiting!

I’m even between books right now! Finished Darcy’s Passions, don’t feel like starting the professional development reading for September yet (I really am a big enough geek to read it now, but it’s an inspiring (depressing) cancer story. Not a good early summer read.) And I can’t start Pride & Prejudice & Zombies yet; Number One, I just finished an adaptation of Jane Austen, I can’t go directly to another without revisiting the original and Number Two, I haven’t covered the picture on the book jacket so it doesn’t freak me out when I see it on my nightstand. I need a semi-respectable, preferably funny summer read that isn't too lipstick-and-cosmos. To ease into summer. Then the beach books can come along. Anybody?


Shannon said...

I hate to say this because it makes me sound like a sixteen year old but, have you read the Twighlight series yet? They are by no means great literature but they are pretty interesting fantasy and very quick reads. Certainly "summer reading":)

Caitlin said...

I've heard goodish things about Twighlight. And I hear what you're saying about the cover. I took it to work to read during lunch, and always wondered if my kids were observant enough to get freaked out by it. Oh well. I'm almost done.

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