Sunday, May 17, 2009

OMG, this summer I'm going to...

This is by no means "the list" that I make at the beginning of each summer. This is me sitting down to check email on Sunday afternoon and suddenly feeling overwhelmed by all the "I really need to do this and I'm dying to do that" thoughts... and getting summeritis. Only thoughts of vacation and all the glorious things we'll do and places we'll go will cure this condition. Besides, there's something about putting a goal out in cyberspace for facebook friends and relatives to see that makes it so... "must-do". So, for therapeutic purposes:
  • 5/19 edit: Our school secretary reminded me about Storybook Land. Then there's Jelly Bean Jungle. And Pump It Up is supposed to be great.
  • 5/18 Edit: Guest room needs to function as an actual guest room. With a walkable floor.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Go to library toddler time.
  • Clean out the laundry room, for Heaven's sake.
  • Paint the bedroom furniture, finally.
  • Put away toys that are just too young for Maddie.
  • Read read read all the books on my nightstand plus the one we have to read for school and then find some tasty "summer books". You know the ones I'm talking about. Think Gigi Levangie Grazer.
  • Keep nails pretty and stop biting them because I may or may not be 12 anymore.
  • Potty train Maddie.
  • Send the beloved paci to the "babies who need one" and perhaps see Maddie's front teeth go back to their natural configuration?
  • Swim and keep losing weight.
  • Do calendar, artsy craftsy stuff every day.
  • Have the Related Arts people over for a BBQ.
  • Help Bob's folks make the play area in the back yard.
  • Go down the shore every 2-3 weeks, visit Laura and do beach days and board walk nights.
  • Take Maddie to county park concerts.
  • Go to church every Sunday (give or take), to keep us active and to give Maddie her "little church" fix.
  • Digital scrapbook more years of our lives, we're caught up to 2004.
  • Continue the recorder method book writing.
  • Completely ignore any school work until late August.
  • Go to Paws Farm.
  • "Detail Clean" (as we like to call it...probably how the rest of the world just "cleans") every room once.
  • Go to the Please Touch Museum.
  • Bob's hoping to get all the stars on Mario 64.
  • Try to teach Maddie to ride her trike.
  • Paint touch-ups all through the house.
  • Go to Ikea. It's fun.
  • We have too much junk, that attic is full. Seriously evaluate knick-knacks and clothing for a Godwill run.
  • Go to Wegman's. That's fun too.
  • Visit G-burg & family there.
  • Go to the *gasp* movies and see Star Trek, Angels & Demons, assuming they're actually still in theaters somewhere.
  • Buy & stock up on birthday cards for all year long.
  • Lose this feeling of being just slightly behind on everything.
  • Pretend that September never comes.


Thomas said...

a summer of nothing...the mind boggles

Thomas said...

Hey, we just had a little earthquake. Oatmeal didn't even look up.

Anonymous said...

I love how your list gets a little longer every day! Summer is only 2 months long; I think you've got something to do just about every day!
Mom :-)

Megymelly said...

Nooooo! Summer is endless! La la la, I can't hear you!

Actually, we counted (of course we counted) and it's exactly 70 days long this year. Score.

Shannon said...

A little tip from another crazy mom who always has a list of things she wants/wanted to do this summer, Christmas, year, etc. (yes, even those of us who stay at home don't get to everything!) Get out your calendar and schedule in as much stuff as you can NOW! That way instead of being surprised by a free Saturday and thinking "this would have been a great day to. . ." You are already doing something wonderful. I did this at Christmas and we got to all but one of the things we wanted to do (anyone in need of a Gingerbread house kit?) Anyway, I'm off to. . .make a list of stuff to do this summer:)

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