Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Jack DeVol

To fill in the non-D'Errico-related side of our family, we're worried and waiting here.

Bob's cousin Shannon DeVol, who was Maddie's first babysitter when I went back to work, had her third child, a boy named Jacob Price Devol (Jack for short, in honor of his grandfather). He had to be taken 5 weeks early, by C-section, because of complications. He's currently in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and he's having major problems still. He's very, very sick, and they're waiting on scans and oxygen levels and all kinds of scary horrible things that no one should have to think of in relation to their beautiful little baby. It's surreal and nightmarish, and every time I let myself think about him, I either have to cry, check obsessively for group updates on facebook, or hug my daughter extra tight.

CHOP is such an oxymoron of a place. When I heard Jack was being transferred there I thought, "Thank God, he's stable enough to transfer!" Then, "Oh, no, they think he needs CHOP?" Then "Thank God, he'll be at CHOP." Between their gastro unit in Voorhees and my friends' kids' experiences, I have such faith in them. You never want the child you love to ever be so sick that he needs CHOP... but you know that child is in the best hands in the country if he's there.

Cousin Tara, Shannon's sister, has info on her blog. Here are links to fill the Thieme/Uber/Everyone side in:

Post explaining things.

Post updating things.

We're thinking and praying for Jack and his family, all the time. Love you guys.

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