Saturday, April 4, 2009

...wait, that was too easy...

Monday & Tuesday:
Decorations for the stage, finding costumes for kids who don't have/couldn't be bothered to find costumes, running off programs on recycled paper, un-jamming the photo-copier no less than 6 times because of said recycled paper (the Chorus "show" had a environmental theme). Coordinating a dozen loud kids assembly the programs during lunches, practicing with small groups at recess, confirmation calls to the library, the custodians, the field-trip-to-the-library chaperons. Extra classes rescheduled away from Friday so I would have most of Friday afternoon to devote to concert prep. Oh yeah, and teaching music, blah blah blah.

All that and "dress" rehearsal after school. This traditionally goes so badly that I usually pull my hair out the whole way home. The worst part being the constant ill-timed questions that I've already answered and sent home information about three times in the past month...ALL rehearsal long. Why don't they listen? Going over all information once more for good measure, knowing they didn't retain much of it. Didn't have enough time to run through from beginning to end, ended late and my poor late-bus kids had to sprint out the door.

Taught a normal day at my Thursday school, rescheduled so I'd be out early to go back to my school. Meant to bring the monstrous pile of grading in my "In Bin", forgot it, naturally. Bored out of my mind. Left for my school, arranged to get kids on stage one last time - yay, we can finish yesterday's run-through! - made arrangements with office for pick-ups and drop-offs that were being changed at the last minute for kids who JUST gave their parents the info sheet about the field trip that morning. Joy. Practiced, met chaperons outside, immediately started embarrassment spiral regarding their wild behavior. Got to library on bus and realized there was no place there to stand where we could do the show as usual, improvised and thanked God for this wonderful thing called chaperons keeping the kids contained while I figured out a new set-up. Bob brought Maddie to the show and I was beyond thrilled to see a child who didn't want me to repeat directions or let them pass out programs. Slightly less thrilled when she started doing her run-push thing into my butt while I conducted, but I figured if I could keep the show moving while that was going on, the next day would be a breeze. Gave evil eye to the chaperon's child who loudly said "that's stupid" right after a soloist sang . Finished show, went reasonably well, took kids back to school. Had nice quiet evening.

Bob, bless him, took a personal day and came to work with me, all day. In the morning he hauled out the sound equipment and fixes some computer problems I was having in my classroom. Taught 3 classes. Tied up loose ends. 14 million calls from parents who were telling me that their kid couldn't come tonight, then calling me again to tell me that the Phillies game they were taking their kid to tonight was canceled due to rain so the kid would be there. Hauled hand bell tables, music stands, sound stuff, instruments, and the like down to the stage. Set up. All too soon it was T-minus 30 minutes. Called for different groups, got them set up, and away we went. A few snags, a few missed lines, we got through it well and everybody loved it. None of my big bosses came, which was slightly annoying because back at the December concert everyone up to my boss's boss's boss was there and it didn't go near so well. Board member loved it, gushed. This is always a plus. She's a keeper, Louise. Went home, wolfed down dinner, changed, got Maddie to Nana & Pop's. We got there at 6, kids were supposed to come at 6:45 for the 7:00 concert; so of course they start showing up at 6:15. Eh, put 'em to work passing out programs and labeling reserved chairs. Concert went off with barely a hitch (this is nice, because usually the night concert the kids are off their game). 2 of my solo girls knocked my socks off. Hugs and gifts and cards and much more appreciation than I usually get from the munchkins and their families. Stayed for an hour cleaning up, Middle School's concert is next week, can't leave them a mess. My dogs were barking still today. I think I sat down all of 15 minutes from 6AM to 10 PM. DONE, baby!


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The quintessential American behavior-the ball game rained out, guess we'll fulfill our arts obligation. Good for you giving a select group the opportunity to create something rather than be just spectators.

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