Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is a big day.

What am I going to tell my child about January 20, 2009? That I climbed on a chair to turn my classroom TV towards my desk to I wouldn't miss the early coverage? That when she was just 2, the Unites States got a fresh wind in its sails? That I'd never been so proud of my country as the day they came by the thousand to stand on a field where slaves had been auctioned to witness a black man from a poor family become their president?

That for the first time teachers and parents could say to children, "some day you could be president!"
...and actually know, because of the events of this past year, that it was possible for every single child.


Anonymous said...

I made sure your two year old child watched and listened to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. She made not have understood (in fact, she kept complaining that she wanted to watch something else!), but I want to be able to tell her that she "was there" on that historic day. God bless America!
Love, Mom :-)

Megymelly said...

Thank you. I'm really proud to know my daughter saw it (however unwillingly, it's still great!).
Thank you VERY much

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