Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bob-Job and Photopolis.

Ok, so we've had a bit of a wild ride the last few weeks, what with the whole BOB-JOB thing.
Announcement: Bobby has a new job!
He's been miserable at his current position this whole year. Drastic and sudden budget cuts. Adding 4 ridiculous classes to his crammed schedule with all but no curriculum or materials to speak of, cutting his lesson periods down by half when he's brining enrollment in band up higher and higher every year. And we won't get into the privileged middle schoolers, their smart mouths and low work ethics. (When a parent of an out-of-control student tells you it's ok if his son talks to you like trash because the son sees adults and kids as equals and can't be told what to's time to find a new job.) A colleague Bobby worked with 5 years ago at his first position thought of him when a job in her husband's music department opened up. She said to email his resume to her husband. A week or so later, he had an interview, and last Thursday he found out he got the position. Music technology at a VERY impressive high school music program, with the same pay, good benefits, and less of a commute. He starts, at the latest, after Christmas break. Life in the past weeks has been stressful and full of "what if's", but we're all good now.

And now, on with the pictures!!!

Halloween pics of the little pumpkin:

Cait and Matt visited on the 1st on their tour of the central east coast:

Maddie's birthday party was yesterday. We actually had a pretty small crowd, and yet the house felt nice and full and we had a good time. Aunt Laura made incredible cupcakes and a cookie cake and - seriously, look at those Elmos! She had an awesome party:

And of course, we had to have a fashion show. It needed done! She was actually quite amenable to the concept, especially if the outfit had stripes, cupcakes, or tights like a ballerina, etc. I like the bear riding a bike shot.

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