Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Kitchen

So we decided long ago that Maddie would be a good candidate for a kitchen playset. She's always play acting and having little dramas with her toys, and she's always asking to help cook when we're making dinner. So we resolved that that would be her big gift for her 2nd birthday.
We found the one we loved at Toys-R-Us: wood, not plastic, nothing needs batteries or plugs in, and it's a nice set of bold colors...not pink, pink, and pink.

So why did we give it to her now and not wait for her birthday? Because she's not quite 2, and she doesn't have a clue when her birthday is. And we wanted to. Besides, if we waited till the day of her party, we wouldn't get to watch her play with it for hours a time that day. Fun times.

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